Vellum 18 digital

Vellum 18

is now available in two formats:
Print copy for $10 (incl shipping and handling via paypal to
Digital copy for $5 by following Magcloud link below.

Vellum no. 17

is a print on demand/ e-publication featuring emerging artists in all disciplines. It is written in a non-critical format focusing on the artist’s studio practice. It is geared towards a wide range demographic with a goal of reaching not only art connoisseurs but everyday people who might not otherwise be exposed to young contemporary art.
Vellum no. 17-The Antic Staatsoper, Paper Monument, more

Vellum no.16

is a print on demand/ e-publication covering emerging artists in all disciplines. It is written in a non-critical format which enables the reader to comprehend and learn about artists working in various mediums. Its goal is to reach every day people and enrich their lives with what young contemporary art has to offer.
 Vellum no. 16-Dasha Shishkin (cover), Brett Wallace, Billy AB, Kurt Lightner, Hernan Bas and more…

Vellum Number 15 (Tenth Anniversary Issue)

Vellum no. 15-Elements of Desire, New Print Horizons, Nox Cult
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 1ec0f72c24175149972c36c609506a22Vellum no. 14 Features Miljohn Ruperto, Hilary Berseth, Jessica Lichtenstein, Soda and LOTL
vellum 13Vellum no. 13 Features Kelsey Henderson, Dan Herr, Steven Thompson and Jesse Lambert

Vellum 11 Vellum no. 11 Features Sarah Gamble, Tedd Nash Pomaski, Andy Piedilato, Julia Jacquette Vellum 10 Vellum no. 10 Features Dasha Shishkin, Gina Magid, Katherine Newbegin, Amy Kao, Lori Nix, (e) picture and more Vellum 9 Vellum no. 9 Features Tom Kotik, Gabriel J. Shuldiner, Mathanki Kalapathy, David Moreno  and more Vellum 8 Vellum no. 8 Features Mark Power, Saira McLaren, Tony Orrico, Seher Shah, Aaron Houser, Davide Balliano and more

Vintage Issues of Vellum (not through magcloud) $10 each (including S & H)

vellum cover5 Vellum no.5, 2007-Carter Davis Cover, Andy Piedilato,  Marcy Brafman, Elizabeth Huey, Dean Monogenis, Lauren Luloff, Kim Babcock, Amy Bennett, more

image (13) Vellum no.3, 2006-Kurt Lightner Cover, Tobias Putrih, Stephen Nguyen, DJ Milo Rock, Jim Wright, Lauren Luloff, David Baskin, Joan Linder, Diane Dwyer, Johnston Foster, more contact for vintage issues: