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The creatively brutal Nox Cult is thinking about recording their first ep.  The band blew everyone away last January when they debuted at Blackthorn 51. This created a nice buzz and every show since, which can be counted on one hand has seen more and more kids (and older people) attending, seeking autographs and buying up all their Merch. My prediction is that Nox Cult will be the first super group to emerge out of NYC’s crypt underground scene in 2015.

Even though the trio has only been together a year, there already exists an undeniable chemistry and infectious groove between members, who in true rocker fashion, do not use their real names (Soda, Monkey, Fox) and play the following instruments (guitar/vocals, drums/samples, bass/vocals). I met up with them recently at their rehearsal space out on Long Island to get a better sense of what they do and to hear that brutally, melodic sound once again; a visceral combination of hardcore, punk, alternative and metal.

Simply put, Nox Cult formed organically. When Soda’s last band (e)motion picture broke up, he took a short break and after a few months started looking for a new drummer. He remembered Monkey telling him at an (e)p gig to call him if he ever wanted to play, and Soda decided to take him up on his offer. They arranged to jam and at that first meeting Monkey also invited a young bassist named Fox to join the rehearsal. That night they wrote their first song (“Friends and Snakes”) and the rest as they say is cult history.

Up until now, they’ve written seven or eight tracks which pretty much smack you in the face with their heavy frequency. Soda says Fox will start thumping a melody on his bass and since he’s a soundscapy type of guitarist, he’ll jump in with his parts and compose the lyrics afterwards. Monkey will add his stuff which includes samples that run the gamut of serial killers to psychotic voicemails. There’s definitely a darker side accompanying heavier sound, but also a bit of humor. “Maniacs” takes pop culture references such as Yoko Ono, Mickey Mouse, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Daumer, and breaks it into a chorus of “we’re all a bunch of maniacs, the human race.” Monkey jokes that it’s probably more like Animaniacs. Either way, the song is filled with poppy, melodic hooks which get you moving.

Lyric-wise, Soda says he’s always been fascinated by the freak show. This accounts for “Death At The Circus”. He chose circus instead of carnival because ‘it rolled off the tongue better’. Whereas “With Knives” is an anti-suicide song. “Elephant” on the other hand is about an animal held in captivity for twenty years that Soda read about. Monkey says it’s the only time he actually envisioned an animal while playing and thinks someone should draw a picture of the story. Soda adds that it’s one of his favorite Nox Cult songs.

Fox uses the word “organic” when talking about the band’s work ethic. To him and the other two it means one member will realize he’s good at something and let the others know he’s working on it. There’s no leader or hierarchy which seems to be working out just fine. Even though they relish and think of their time in rehearsal and on stage as “magic” they know it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and determination to make a band successful. They consciously think of marketing strategies and providing a good business model for themselves.

Another positive note is Soda’s reoccurring role as lead singer for Oswald’s house band on “Gotham”, and both Soda and Fox completing a national tour with Justin Symbol in support of William Control and Requiem.

Since Nox Cult is still young, the future holds unlimited potential. Once they put a record out, it will ensure more exposure and an exciting time to see where it all goes.


Nox Cult-l to r: Fox, Monkey, Soda

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Catch them April 25th at Blackthorn 51 opening for Michale Graves

Noxcult rockin’ out at rehearsal 7/10/15

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