September 4, 2015 | Posted in:Vellum News

Custom-David-Flores-Deathshead-By-Tokyo-Jesus-side-11182256_829498603772256_2743582660516809045_n11947676_882158885172894_7638398883058275081_ntokyo jesus 211295676_837027259686057_3958291993366733399_ntokyo jesus girl111017042_857054334350016_9133468227056428618_nTokyo-Jesus_Gaki-Deviltok jesus

The primary muse in Tokyo Jesus’ work is a porcelain geisha figure.  Her blood stained lips and misty eyes seem to suggest that life is hard and according to the artist that life destroys everything which is beautiful. This is a perfect emo scenario for the twenty-somethings that probably flock to her side. Her journey takes her to places which seem infused with sex and danger. These metaphors are brought to life in 3D through the miracles of clay and exquisite painting. They are one of a kind model toys, but because of their artistry spill over into the realm of fine art. Even though the anime element is present the expressions of Tokyo’s muse are more life-like similar to a Renaissance painting. Her journey is told in a series of one off models which include skull scenes reminiscent of Indiana Jones. Some of the more explicit narratives include the geisha delicately eating a heart dripping with blood. The work reflects the darker side, but probably more than anything else metaphorically represents the four seasons with a heavy dose of angst.