I Am Love’s Pillar Of Salt

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I Am Love isn’t a religious cult, but a trippy, folksy trio from the Pennsylvania hills. Their self titled cd due for release in Jan 2015, is a collection of backwood melodies which could easily cascade through America’s heartland. A mix of dissonant sounds made possible by using unconventional instruments such as zither, sax, banjo and percussion, they offer a unique take on a sometimes hard to define genre, one born of many different hybrids and almost impossible to categorize.

The opening track off IAL’s debut, “Pillar Of Salt”, witnesses singer/guitarist/zitherist Joshua Christopher channeling Roy Orbison. Noticeably similar in pitch, the singer adds just enough off-key timber to pull it off. In other ditties, his vocals are low and modular setting a spoken word tempo to the poppy, psychedelic beats. Aside from Christopher, the other members in IAL, are Will Whitmire (bass/banjo) and Kris Jackson (percussion/keys/vocals). In recent past, the trio had a rotating ensemble of guest players who added colorful obscurity to the mix, but are now content to stay a threesome.

Following grand ‘ol tradition, I Am Love’s lyrics engage melancholy tomes of redemption, struggle and misfortune. The first video off the album “Ghost in the hallway” is a moody number which covers all of the above. It reaches a certain crescendo which allows a tinge of the gothic to seep in and take IAL’s status to the next level. That said, in brief, the band has a serious yet positive, approach to making music which is simply “to inspire people to be their highest selves.” Catch I Am Love on tour in select US cities.

Lead single “Pillar of Salt” is on Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/iamlovemusic/01-pillar-of-salt

Check out their music video for “Ghost in the Hallway” here: http://youtu.be/fjSSzEsG4QM?list=UUZrsmQd8Ski1JM1r3W50OOg

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