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Excerpt from essay, Noise In and Beyond Sound: considering noise in cultural channels – by Colin M. Hacklander

(…) and since noise depends on the intent of the transmitter, the context and reception (whether sonically, mechanically, culturally) it is certainly possible for someone to knowingly transmit a ‘noisy message’ through their disposition– their ‘outer face.’ And one can do so confidently, knowing they are causing some sort of disruption… (So somehow, the intent of the transmitter is clear). Anything that exceeds capacity in the minds of mainstream society (ie, in-use cultural values) for The Other– for the un-relatable, contrary or seemingly opposing attitudes, concerns, lifestyles, traditions– for something strange or uncanny… becomes noise.
(…) By committing to the experience, concepts-of and subjective exposures-to noise can and do take us beyond mirages of mystery– those ostensibly inexplicable events that must be probed, must be actively and consciously tested in order to find any truth… Beyond fascination, noise in its true form remains ever-vital, for in its ambiguity, noise holds the possibility of becoming… here then the potential arises for great depth, revealing mystery, into the void, the total void, the obliteration of self, obliteration of the constitution of Self (…)

Colin is Co-Director @ NK Projekt– an artist-run independent non-profit organization in Berlin that is dedicated to Sound Arts– with Farahnaz Hatam & Julian Percy. Promoting non-mainstream cultural production & providing a platform for discussing paradigms and problematics in music & technology in a raw cultural context that attempts to cover gaps between the academic & institutional, commercial and independent cultural agents of Berlin. NK now in its 5th year of operation.

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